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From: Erkki I. Kolehmainen (
Date: Thu Mar 19 2009 - 04:18:46 CST

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    I'd normally expect that a revised proposal contains changes.
    Although I had not intended to dig into the technical details of any of
    these proposals (since I don't plan to get involved in the technical debate
    in Dublin, if it ever gets to that from the political level), I've now made
    a superficial comparison between N3566 and N3526, and there are changes to
    the technical content. Thus, there is no current summary (which most likely
    would have been easier for you to determine than for me to prove - at your

    Incidentally, it is interesting that the answer to question 2 in section C.
    Technical - Justification of N3566 is No.
    The question is: Has contact been made to members of the user community (for
    example: National Body, user groups of the script or characters, other
    experts, etc.)?

    Sincerely, Erkki

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    On 19 Mar 2009, at 06:39, Erkki I. Kolehmainen wrote:

    > I wouldn't make such a claim. However, it points out the differences,
    > although it hasn't been updated to reflect the changes made to N3526
    > in
    > N3566. Thus, there is no current summary.

    That would only be true if the technical content of N3566 is different
    from the technical content of N3526. Have you determined that this is
    the case? If you have, then you may be right in suggesting that there
    is no current summary. If you have not, then your statement may not be

    Michael Everson *

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