Re: more dingbats in plain text

From: Johannes Bergerhausen (
Date: Fri Apr 17 2009 - 10:33:46 CDT

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    Am 17.04.2009 um 16:25 schrieb Peter Constable:

    > Saying that they *are* used in "plain text" is different from saying
    > that their usage is attested in text contexts, and that there is a
    > *need* to represent them in plain text. I suspect that is what you
    > may be thinking.

    Excuse my bad english.

    I would like to say that these symbols (the first version is from
    1993) are used worldwide on the same line of text mixed with other
    characters like latin.

    Another example to attest that there is a need to put international
    symbols like public signage in the UCS.

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