re: ASCII escapes for Unicode

From: verdy_p (
Date: Wed Apr 22 2009 - 20:09:46 CDT

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    "William J Poser" wrote:
    > I've put up a list of ASCII representations of Unicode characters
    > at:
    > In most but not all cases, the chart lists contexts in which I have seen
    > the representation used. I'm sure all of them exist but haven't always
    > kept track. I'd appreciate it if anyone who knows of other representations
    > or who can fill in information about usage would let me know. Thanks.

    There's also the MediaWiki syntax when creating ids for HTML anchors: a dot (.) followed by 2 ASCII hex digits for
    each byte of the UTF-8 representation. See {{anchorencode:string}}. The result is visible in the links of automatic
    summaries created from header sections containing non-ASCII characters.

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