RE: Which Character sets to support for kazakh cyrillic alphabet ?

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Date: Wed Apr 22 2009 - 19:23:58 CDT

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    Obviously, important letters for Kazakh Cyrillic are missing, notably KA and ENN with descenders, and GHE with
    STROKE (that are generally translitterated to Latin as 'Q/q', 'NG/ng' and 'GH/gh' respectively, using BGN/PCGN
    1979, and certainly not just as 'K/k', 'N/n' and 'G/g' with the basic Cyrillic letters). These letters are very
    common in Kazakh orthography.

    If you use the ISO 8859-5 set or the Windows Cyrillic code page, you'd have to use quirks to render the necessary
    distinctions: either writing the descenders with an apostrophe after the normal KA or ENN, or using a Latin
    tranlitteration of these letters in the middle of Cyrillic words, or using a strange diacritic above the vowel
    written before ENN without the descender, or dropping the descenders. All these not correct localization for Kazakh

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    > It sounds like Andreas showed that that page is erroneous. My guess is that you can’t support all the characters
    with code pages Microsoft ships, and that utf-8 would need to be used instead. This is a common state for many
    potential encodings.
    > -Shawn
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    > I needed this information for localization (in kazakh) of a mobile device (with internet connectivity). UTF
    encodings are already supported. I wanted character-sets that are specific to kazakh language, and popular enough
    to be supported.
    > Looking out further, I found which directly confirmed that
    iso-8859-5 and Windows-1251 cover the kazakh cyrillic alphabet.
    > And so, I would be adding these character sets.
    > Mark and Ed,
    > Thanks for the resources you shared.
    > On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 11:00 PM, Mark Leisher > wrote:
    > The libiconv package ( has mapping tables for two Kazakh encodings, PT192
    and RK1048.
    > If anyone has a copy of an ST RK 920-91 mapping table they can make available (in printed or electronic form), or
    any other Kazakh encoding other than PT192 and RK1048, I would like to include them in
    > --
    > Mark Leisher
    > Mark,
    > Your collection has got two sets for cyrillic kazakh: RK1048 and PTCP154(Cyrillic-Asian).
    > Is PT192 (of libiconv) equivalent to PTCP154 ?
    > I think I should add support for these two as well.

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