RE: Rendering of Candrabindhu & Visarga Dual Combination in Indic Scripts

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Date: Fri May 08 2009 - 10:20:38 CDT

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    >> How to correctly render the Visarga & Anusvara Dual Combinations

    > I would like to add the question:
    > How to write the combination candrabindu U+0901 and virama U+094D
    > after letter La U+0932 ?

    On Windows Vista and in Office 2007, the sequence <0932, 094d, 0901> displays as I think you desire. Uniscribe's Indic engine has all along assumed a sequence order that places vowel components or virama before syllable-modifier components, and in this case that translates into virama before candrabindu.

    As for combinations of candrabindu and visarga, unfortunately there were some early decisions in Uniscribe to impose certain restrictions on Indic sequences, and while I've worked at getting those relaxed in sensible ways this is one restriction that is still there -- a known issue that I plan to have eliminated in a future version.


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