RE: Rendering of Candrabindhu & Visarga Dual Combination in Indic Scripts

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Date: Fri May 08 2009 - 10:26:37 CDT

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    > Please tell us how the following can be written correctly in Unicode!

    I'll comment on the following cases wrt Windows:

    > vowel letter AA with candrabindu and visarga
    >    आँः

    As I mentioned in another message, this is a known issue that doesn't work at present but that I plan to have fixed in a future version.

    > repha above vowel letter R
    >    र्ऋ

    The sequence you typed displays fine for me in Win7 (I expect Vista would be the same) and in Office 2007.

    > consonant letter L with virama and candrabindu
    >    ल्ँ
    > consonant letter L with candrabindu and virama
    >    लँ्

    The first displays OK as I think you desire (Vista, Win7, Office 2007). Do you really need to distinguish these two cases? (There wouldn't be any visual distinction.)


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