Re: VS: Submitting Proposals (was: Re: Proposal to include CE Mark)

From: Andrew West (
Date: Mon May 11 2009 - 11:40:16 CDT

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    2009/5/11 Andrew West <>:
    > The best policy is for proposals to be submitted to both the UTC and
    > WG2 at the same time, which is normally the case for proposals from
    > experienced proposers, but it does not matter too much if a proposal
    > is only submitted to the UTC (as most novice proposals are) or only to
    > WG2 (as many NB proposals are), as they will still be seen by both
    > committees.

    On reflection I realise that is not always true. Once, a few years
    back when I was still a novice in the encoding business I submitted a
    character proposal to the UTC only, where it was rejected, and the
    proposal document never did get forwarded to WG2 for consideration
    there (even if the proposal were to have been rejected by WG2 as well,
    at least the document would have been publicly available for future
    reference, which, as has already been stated, is not the case with
    documents submitted to the UTC only). I never made that mistake again.


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