Re: So much for accuracy!

From: Joó Ádám (
Date: Thu May 14 2009 - 14:41:44 CDT

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    > What is this supposed to relate to? You don't even cite the source of your
    > purported quotation. People who get hundreds of email messages per day
    > should not be expected to check back what you are referring to.
    > Specifically, what is "it" here?

    Sorry, I supposed it is fair to expect anyone to check back _four_
    emails in the same thread, regardless of the amount of incoming mail
    per day… It was written yesterday, by Szabolcs Szelp, and “it” refers
    to his above quoted statement.

    > Whatever you are talking about, it is based on a false postulate. Finnish is
    > not an agglutinative language - far from that. It has extensive stem
    > alteration as well as varying allomorphs for suffixes.

    Anyway, I was talking about Hungarian, which is agglutinative.

    Best regards,

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