RE: Klingon anti-virus

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Thu May 21 2009 - 22:14:04 CDT

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    > If the Consortium is adamant on adding the emoji stuff to the standard, I
    > honestly cannot see why something like Klingon, which actually has speakers,
    > could not be encoded.

    Er... A comparison of the size of the two user populations might be interesting right about now...

    According to Wikipedia (, the Klingon Language Institute has around 2500 members. I don't assume that the speaker population is limited to that, though I would assume it is indicative of the order of magnitude.

    According to the proposal document submitted to WG2 (, there are around 78 million Emoji users in Japan.

    Even with the most generous estimate of the number of Klingon speakers, they are dwarfed by the Japanese Emoji users.


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