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Date: Sun May 24 2009 - 06:04:39 CDT

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    Quoting "Michael Everson" <>:

    > On 21 May 2009, at 19:53, Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven wrote:
    >> If the Consortium is adamant on adding the emoji stuff to the
    >> standard, I honestly cannot see why something like Klingon, which
    >> actually has speakers,
    >> could not be encoded.
    > People (me included, with my iPhone) actually exchange data with the
    > "emoji" characters.
    > Klingonists use the Latin alphabet. And they haven't even worked out
    > a decent way to deal with data exchange, since <q> and <Q> are
    > different letters in the Latin alphabet for Klingon. Klingon
    > definitely needs a spelling reform.

    Strictly speaking this suggests the need to encode a Klingon <q> and
    <Q>, based on what you say they are in use, and have different
    properties. :-)

    At the end of the day when and who makes a proposal can sometimes make
    a difference to acceptance or rejection, not less because proposals
    from certain bodies implies wide usage, and all human instutuitions
    change with time . Aswell one should note that a rejected proposal has
    to make up a lot of lost ground.

    John Knightley

    > Michael Everson *

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