Re: Pb with Unicode Tifinagh with Internet Explorer

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Date: Mon May 25 2009 - 19:37:42 CDT

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    2009/5/26 Doug Ewell <>

    > Azzedine Ait Khelifa wrote:
    > It's a font problem ?
    >> In this case, Why it's working fine with Firefox and it's not with
    >> Internet Explorer ?
    > Read Jukka's reply again. IE and Firefox use different mechanisms to
    > figure out which font to use. In the case of Tifinagh at least, Firefox's
    > mechanism works better than IE's.

    depends on your point of view. Firefox's approach is fairly haphazard, and
    can result in very ugly ransom note effects.

    My understanding is that

    For IE:
    a) Tifinagh is not supported by mlang.dll, so you can not set a user
    preferred default font for Tifinagh.
    b) Tifinagh is not supported by Windows, so no OS level font linking is
    available for IE to use.

    Although might be posisble to edit windows registry to set a default font
    for Tifinagh. An approach i had to take with some other scripts.

    Both of these are relevant in the Tifinagh case.

    For Firefox:
    a) the user can not set a default font for Tifinagh.
    b) Firefox uses an internal mechanism for selecting an appropraite font. Any
    one knows how this is done? As far as I can tell the process for the end
    user will result in a random font being used. I.e. there is no control at
    all for what font will be used.

    Ultimately, i think that web developers shoudl take responsibility for
    creating well crafted stylesheets that carter for the langauges needed to eb

    Although Wikipedia tends to be a fringe case, they atttempt to be font
    neutral, relying on mediawiki user defined styles, or browser/OS default
    font display mechansims.

    Which doesn't tedn to work for lesser used langauges.

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