Re: Pb with Unicode Tifinagh with Internet Explorer

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Mon May 25 2009 - 23:33:20 CDT

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    Andrew Cunningham wrote:

    >> Read Jukka's reply again. IE and Firefox use different mechanisms to
    >> figure out which font to use. In the case of Tifinagh at least,
    >> Firefox's mechanism works better than IE's.
    > depends on your point of view. Firefox's approach is fairly haphazard,
    > and can result in very ugly ransom note effects.

    It does in some other cases, but *in the case of Tifinagh*, the choice
    is between seeing Tifinagh letters and seeing boxes. Try feeding the
    HTML below to both browsers. Note the absence of CSS and other
    "typography" hints. (Disclaimer: I have Code2000 installed.)


    I'm not a Firefox zealot, and definitely don't want to get involved in
    Browser Wars. I'm just seeing what I'm seeing.

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