RE: Pb with Unicode Tifinagh with Internet Explorer

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Wed May 27 2009 - 09:42:45 CDT

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    >> Can we say "it's a bug of IE, Chrome ..." ? In this case Can we hope,
    >> microsoft, google etc will correct this bug in next version ?

    > It's a bug...

    It's not a bug, per se. It's a matter of a lag time between standardization of the encoding of a script and new features being added to products to support that script.

    Windows 7 will ship with the Ebrima font, which supports Tifinagh. Tifinagh was added in Unicode 4.1, which was published in March 2005; that means it will be a bit under five years from standardization to support in Windows. For comparison, Lao was standardized in Unicode 1.1 which was published in 1993, but not supported in Windows until Vista, which shipped in 2006--that was a delay of 13 years. So, by that comparison things are looking good for Tifinagh.


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