Re: Invalid code points

From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Tue Jun 02 2009 - 02:27:24 CDT

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    On 2 Jun 2009, at 05:40, Doug Ewell wrote:

    >>> Besides, there are many fine transfer encoding syntaxes available
    >>> for transmitting binary data that don't involve pretending that
    >>> the data is text.
    >> Yes sure, but unfortunately, they can't be used in argument
    >> passing. Setting up IPC just to get some arguments and
    >> environmental variables is overkill. And it would not illustrate
    >> the idea of passing objects in the arguments.
    > I wasn't aware that the purpose of all this was to illustrate an idea.

    If you want the Unix standard to accept object passing in the
    arguments, then the requirement is that you make your own Unix
    implementation and demonstrates it works.


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