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Date: Tue Jun 02 2009 - 03:41:23 CDT

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    On Tuesday 2 June 2009, Hans Aberg <> wrote:

    > On 2 Jun 2009, at 05:40, Doug Ewell
    > wrote:
    > >>> Besides, there are many fine transfer encoding
    > syntaxes available for transmitting binary data that don't
    > involve pretending that the data is text.
    > >>
    > >> Yes sure, but unfortunately, they can't be used in
    > argument passing. Setting up IPC just to get some arguments
    > and environmental variables is overkill. And it would not
    > illustrate the idea of passing objects in the arguments.
    > >
    > > I wasn't aware that the purpose of all this was to
    > illustrate an idea.
    > If you want the Unix standard to accept object passing in
    > the arguments, then the requirement is that you make your
    > own Unix implementation and demonstrates it works.
    > Hans

    I have expressed various non-text items as characters at various times.

    Maybe one of them would be suitable for your demonstration.

    Each of them uses code points in the Private Use Area.

    A vector graphics system, eutocode graphics.

    A font format, the eutofont font format.

    A portable interpretable object code for a virtual computing machine.

    If none of the above is suitable for your purposes, then the Private Use Area is available for you to define a system of your own.

    William Overington

    2 June 2009

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