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From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Wed Jun 03 2009 - 13:38:43 CDT

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    Damon Anderson asked...

    > I have a document composed in OpenOffice on Windows using the Verdana
    > font ... I open the same document in my OpenOffice on Linux (Kubuntu)
    > after installing the Verdana font

    If you don't get identical results, then it's down to the platform
    differences. Whatever system is rendering your document on Windows is
    not the same as the one on Linux -- even if you have *exactly* the same
    font. "The problem" could stem from a variety of causes, the most likely
    of which is that one or the other rendering system is buggy.

    > If even the font displays aren't consistent across platforms where in
    > lies the problem and how can I distribute consistently displayed
    > documents?
    Aside from ASCII, which usually displays pretty well "everywhere"... In
    my experience the *only* format for distributing consistently displayed
    documents that look the same everywhere is PDF, as long as it has
    completely embedded fonts.


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