Endian independent 32-bit encoding

From: Hans Aberg (haberg@math.su.se)
Date: Wed Jun 17 2009 - 14:02:38 CDT

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    It is possible to make endian independent 32-bit encodings, since the
    number of equivalences classes under endian swapping (2^31 + 2^15 =
    2147516416) is (much) larger than the number of code points, though at
    some expense on encoding/decoding overhead. I made one such encoding,
    chosen to make encoding/decoding easy (C++ code attached; details in
    the file). The lower 0x7FFF code points are mapped (modulo endian
    swapping) to identity, and encoded characters need not be fully
    decoded for comparison of code points.

       Hans Aberg

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