Re: Old-style PropList.txt "properties"

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Wed Jun 17 2009 - 19:45:43 CDT

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    Since you don't mention the locations, it is hard to get a handle on the
    issue. The property names are defined in the versions of PropList.txt. Are
    you finding different names in old versions of that file, or is it that you
    are finding names that would appear to be property names in other files; and
    if so, where?


    On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 16:56, karl williamson <>wrote:

    > Supposedly Unicode has only removed one property, but I've been looking at
    > old releases, and see several things that look like they are meant to be
    > properties that I don't recognize in the PropList.txt like 'Zero-Width'.
    > Others look like aliases for other properties, like 'Space' appears to be
    > Zs. Others look like combinations of two properties, like 'Paired
    > Punctuation'.
    > So my question is were any of these official properties or official aliases
    > thereof, or were they just descriptive phrases. I've looked some but not a
    > lot in the 3.0 online guide, and haven't found anything; the index is not
    > very helpful.

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