Re: Is Windows 7 Notepad broken?

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Date: Wed Jun 24 2009 - 18:41:14 CDT

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    I also tried WordPad 7 with my Egyptian fonts but its a no-go like Notepad. Also Paint 7. As you agreed, there is a difference between not supporting a script and losing the characters from the display.

    As noted in reply by Rick C, a good idea also to check out edit (and shell edit) controls.

    Appreciate if you would let me know what happens with this so I can document correctly for Windows 7 users. Am I right in thinking this kind of regression from 98/2000/XP/Vista is one we should expect to see corrected in the release product now it is known?

    For examples of a Unicode font in action see, just a technical preview aimed at the specialist I'm afraid for the time being but at least illustrates integration of 5.2 Egyptian Hieroglyphs into software without need to download or install anything. Should get more interesting by the time 5.2 is released as I find the time. Obviously can't see the result of copying into Notepad etc. unless you have a suitable font installed in 7.

    Bob Richmond
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      Windows 7 does not support characters in any not-yet-released version of Unicode; and while Phoenician is in Unicode 5.1, it is not a script that we set out to support in Windows 7. Now, Notepad still ought to be able to display characters from the Egyptian Hieroglyphs or Phoenician blocks provided you select a font that supports those characters; I'm not sure why it isn't. All I can say is


      - These scenarios were not tested because we had no specific plans for supporting these scenarios.

      - There was some significant re-engineering done in the text stack that might have impacted such not-yet-supported-but-probably-works-anyways scenarios.

      - We'll look into what's happening.


      In the mean time, I have tried Phoenician in WordPad with the Code2001 font, and that displays OK, at least.





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      Anyone else had problems with Notepad on Windows 7 RC build (7100)?


      Egyptian Hieroglyphs from upcoming 5.2 don't display for me. I also tried Phoenician and characters don't display there either. Not investigated any further yet to discover to what extent Unicode in SMP is broken in Notepad or whether the problem runs deeper.


      Notepad for goodness sake!


      Bob Richmond



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