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Date: Fri Jul 03 2009 - 04:12:47 CDT

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    2009/7/2 William J Poser <>
    > There was a point to my comment about North Korean fonts,
    > which is that the reason that North Korea has not supplied
    > fonts is probably the fact that it just doesn't participate
    > in international organizations like Unicode. It is unlikely
    > that it regards its fonts as state secrets or even as trade
    > secrets. North Korea would probably provide fonts if someone
    > of sufficient authority saw an advantage to it.

    Some of the wild speculation in this thread is not at all helpful. As
    John Jenkins and Ken Whistler have pointed out, DPRK have in the past
    participated in WG2 and IRG, but have not been contactable recently.
    WG2 have been aware of the issue of the lack of KP source glyphs for
    some time (for example, the UK raised the issue in ballot comments to
    PDAM5 in 2007), and have been making (thus far unsuccessful) attempts
    to get the required fonts from DPRK.

    RESOLUTION M54.22 ("Fonts for DPRK ideographs") of the latest WG2
    meeting held in Dublin in April of this year (see
    <>) states:

    The IRG rapporteur is requested to contact the SC2 secretariat to
    reach DPRK for getting the fonts suitable to print the DPRK ideographs
    in the multi-column CJK charts in the standard. All IRG members are
    also requested to assist the IRG rapporteur in this effort.

    But as I understand it the DPRK representatives are not responding to
    the IRG rapporteur or anyone else, which means that the only solution
    is to omit the KP source glyphs from the current version of the


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