Re: Gwoyeu Romatzyh marking the optional neutral tone

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Jul 14 2009 - 17:38:34 CDT

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    > > What about the other subscripted characters from the first example - it
    > > would be nice to see them in the second source, if they occur there. Are
    > > they primes, vertical bars or subscripted digits "1"?
    > >
    > > A./
    > They look pretty similar to the other ones, but clearly handwritten, as it was
    > already mentioned for the Chinese characters:

    And for those following along, if you take a look at the phonetic
    representations in the paragraph just above section (3) Prosodic Elements
    on that page, you can see more examples of the bad typography
    for subscript and superscript letters -- not adjusting the
    point size of the letters, and for the subscripts in particular,
    setting them too low below the baseline.


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