how to create automated meaning preserving abbreviations?

From: Alexander Kempgen (
Date: Wed Jul 22 2009 - 08:15:12 CDT

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    I was wondering if there are format characters or other ways to mark
    parts of a word or words, that can automatically be shortened, if the
    text has to fit in a smaller space when displayed in a software

    I'm currently working on the German localization of an iPhone
    application which can be used in portrait and landscape mode, the
    latter offering more horizontal space for longer single line strings
    in the gui.

    An example string for this is "Spitznamen-Kennwort" (nickname password).

    While this fits nicely in landscape, it does not fit in portrait mode
    and the system will automatically shorten it to "Spitznamen…", which
    leaves out important information.

    The abbreviation i would like to use in portrait is "Spitzn.-Kennw.".

    So my question is, is there a way to mark the long word like
    "Spitzn(amen/.)-Kennw(ort/.)" so the system will know where to shorten
    it in order to create a meaning preserving abbreviation? Or is this
    out of the scope of Unicode?

    Alexander Kempgen

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