Re: how to create automated meaning preserving abbreviations?

From: Robert Abel (
Date: Wed Jul 22 2009 - 18:03:49 CDT

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    I was actually post exactly the same thing, however the original author
    is German going by his Email address... I thought that telling him how
    it is a) a weird translation and b) very ugly to abbreviate hyphenated
    compound words too often in a program would be kinda pointless because
    he probably knew as much before...



    André Szabolcs Szelp schrieb:
    > Hello,
    > While your point might be valid in a number of cases, the very example
    > you bring seems somewhat strained. Is it indeed the term you want to
    > use in your UI? It would probably confuse your users more than not.
    > "Nick(name)", as used in the web alias sense is never ever rendered as
    > "Spitzname" in German. "Spitzname" is only used for the informal use
    > of a name in real life, not "nicks" of the virtual world.
    > Also, while not knowing your planned application, "nickname password"
    > seems overspecified, as there will be seldom more than one password
    > involved within one context/view of the app/UI, so "password" alone
    > should suffice usually.
    > -Sz
    > 2009/7/22 Alexander Kempgen < <>>
    > Hi,
    > I was wondering if there are format characters or other ways to
    > mark parts of a word or words, that can automatically be
    > shortened, if the text has to fit in a smaller space when
    > displayed in a software application.
    > Example:
    > I'm currently working on the German localization of an iPhone
    > application which can be used in portrait and landscape mode, the
    > latter offering more horizontal space for longer single line
    > strings in the gui.
    > An example string for this is "Spitznamen-Kennwort" (nickname
    > password).
    > While this fits nicely in landscape, it does not fit in portrait
    > mode and the system will automatically shorten it to
    > "Spitznamen…", which leaves out important information.
    > The abbreviation i would like to use in portrait is "Spitzn.-Kennw.".
    > So my question is, is there a way to mark the long word like
    > "Spitzn(amen/.)-Kennw(ort/.)" so the system will know where to
    > shorten it in order to create a meaning preserving abbreviation?
    > Or is this out of the scope of Unicode?
    > Thanks,
    > Alexander Kempgen

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