RE: Ultracode bar code symbology for Unicode 5

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Date: Sat Jul 25 2009 - 16:11:18 CDT

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    Murray: That was the simple trick I knew existed but couldn't remember.
    Alt+x toggles between the Unicode codepoint value and the displayed
    character. Thanks for reminding me. Works like a charm in both Word and
    WordPad, but not with IE 6 or Firefox 3 directly: I just copy from the
    browser screen into WordPad as .rtf and read the value there using

    Asmus: I downloaded the new beta version of Unibook 5.2.0 and unzipped
    it using WinRAR 3.7.1. Executes fine; I look forward to trying it
    extensively. Looks very powerful. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

    Thank you both for your help. Have a great weekend,

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    Also in Word or WordPad, you can type Alt+x after the Unicode character
    and the character is replaced by the hex value of the character. This
    works for higher planes as well as the BMP. For higher planes the hex
    value is in UTF-32.

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