Re: Wanted: synonyms for Age

From: Peter Zilahy Ingerman, PhD (
Date: Sun Jul 26 2009 - 16:57:56 CDT

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    Peter Ingerman

    karl williamson wrote:
    > I'm trying to come up with an alias to propose to the UCT for the
    > misleadingly named Age property. People tend to think from the name
    > that Age=3.2 means that the code point dates to version 3.2, when in
    > fact it means it dates to at least 3.2.
    > There are a couple of things which make this hard. One is that the
    > term "assigned" (and its antonym, "unassigned") has a somewhat
    > different meaning here than usual, which is that permanent
    > non-characters are considered assigned here, but not elsewhere. Thus,
    > Age=Unassigned includes a different set of code points than
    > General_Category=Unassigned, the difference being the non-characters.
    > I think there should be a different term for the Age version. I think
    > Age=None would be good.
    > The other problem is that, say, the alias "Assigned_In=4.0" could mean
    > either already there in 4.0, or 4.0 introduced it. A verb that is
    > more passive would be better.
    > I have some possibilities, but would like some more:
    > In=2.1 or In_Version=3.0
    > Known_To=5.1 or Known_In, Known_In_Version, Known_To_Version
    > I've looked at thesauruses, and there are words like allotted,
    > allocated, but again they're too active, and don't convey the
    > non-characters; the best I think so far is In_Version.
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