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Date: Tue Aug 11 2009 - 05:13:42 CDT

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    From their website [1]:

    The STIX Fonts Technical Review Committee has completed final testing of the
    candidate production version. The fonts will be packaged for release as soon
    as we receive word from the Unicode Technical Committee regarding their
    review of the non-Unicode glyphs from the font that currently make use of
    the Private Use Area of Unicode. As many as 125 of then early 350 glyphs may
    be given Unicode code points or variant status. The UTC meeting is next

    We have received many requests for current copies or beta versions of the
    fonts but we are unable to supply anything until the final version. Our goal
    is to release the production version (OpenType fonts with Type 1 font
    information) before the end of September. Advanced OpenType support
    (allowing the fonts to work with Office 2007 applications) will be released
    later this year, followed soon by LaTeX support.

    The STIX Fonts will be released under the SIL Open Font License. Text of the
    license is available here.


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