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Date: Tue Aug 11 2009 - 03:43:38 CDT

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    People use many different writing systems for many different
    languages, often these require extra encoding. However the choice to
    use Hangul for Cia-Cia seems also to have been a choice to use unicode
    encoded Hangul. An interesting case of the influence of Korea/Hangul
    and computers/unicode shaping choices.

    John K.

    Quoting "Mark E. Shoulson" <>:

    > Aviah Morag - TransLink wrote:
    >> Well, that's the thing. Think about this - there are plenty of
    >> languages which use the same (Latin) writing system, but
    >> nonetheless have little in common phonologically. The
    >> correspondence between letters and their sounds is not entirely
    >> coincidental, but I would be shocked if Korean speakers were now
    >> able to make sense of written Cia-Cia any more than French speakers
    >> are able to understand written Turkish.
    > Even if they use the Jamos with different values, i.e. if the
    > phonology is really different, what matters is that the
    > syllable-structure should be similar. Hangul is designed to handle
    > a particular kind of syllable; something with, say, too many
    > consonants allowed in the coda could be a problem.
    > Presumably, though, since this is being used, it must be usable, and
    > therefore I guess the syllable structures are close enough.
    > ~mark

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