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Date: Thu Aug 13 2009 - 03:47:39 CDT

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    Am 11.08.2009 um 23:11 schrieb Asmus Freytag:

    > There's also the issue that the wrong shape is just that, a wrong
    > shape,

    I think this case isn’t about ‘just the wrong shape”. It is rather
    about wether to distinguish two shapes (in order to distinguish two
    things) or not. When the IPAist comes and says “your beta shape is
    wrong” because at 03B2 a normal beta glyph is hosted, that’s
    ridiculous. It’s the IPAist who is wrong here.

    > because there's no contrasting use of various glyph variants of these
    > letters within IPA.

    Yes, but Greek and IPA-Phonetic may well happen to appear side-by-side
    in one text in which case a demand of rendering the difference of Greek
    and Latin beta would surely have some merits. What would you do then?
    There *are two beta glyphs* already in the standard (03B2, 03D0). And
    the latter has been included although it’s exactly the same borderline

    > In other words, if an unsuitable font is used,

    The font must not be blamed for what is going wrong between
    standardisation and user requirements.

    > the IPA will look odd, but still be readable.

    Once upon a time one has typed _Groβe Scheiβe_ (sorry) due to rather
    limited systems. And I thought we have Unicode now and these days are
    gone …
    Such a thing is ‘still readable’, despite that it’s desperately ill,
    however fine it may look.

    No, this is not a text data storage problem but a matter of
    encoding-based text rendering for the human eye (also referred to as

    The core question is: is there one beta or two? If the IPAist doesn’t
    accept the beta as is then another beta is required. Finis.
    They simply DEMAND this from the fontist, do you see?
    And all fancy methods of glyph gambling – will not do, I suppose.



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