Re: Support of U+00AD SOFT HYPHEN in current software

From: Jukka K. Korpela (
Date: Sun Aug 16 2009 - 13:37:01 CDT

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    Karl Pentzlin wrote:

    > The following line contains a U+00AD SOFT HYPHEN after each "test"
    > But doing this in texts displayed with the current versions of
    > Microsoft Word, Quark Express, Emurasoft EmEditor, Microsoft Internet
    > Explorer, or Firefox, the line is broken at arbitrary places mostly
    > within the "test" letter sequence. Also, hyphens are shown only
    > sometimes at these breaks.

    Since others (including me) have different experiences, there's something
    special in your test arrangements. Can you e.g. provide a URL to a web page
    you used to test web browser behavior, so that others could check it on
    their browsers?

    In my experience, the most widely used programs usually support SHY
    according to its Unicode semantics. Firefox was an exception, but support
    was added in version 3. In fact, even Firefox 2 might be said to support
    SHY, since minimal support (as far as I understand) consists of ignoring
    SHY, i.e. not displaying it as any visible character or symbol. After all,
    it's a hyphenation hint, with no specific rules on the conditions of
    applying the hint.


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