Re: Greek characters in IPA usage

From: verdy_p (
Date: Mon Aug 17 2009 - 07:03:15 CDT

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    On 2009-08-15, "Julian Bradfield" wrote:
    > [X Window] didn't envisage the supplementary planes, but
    > there is a very obvious and very trivial workaround which will surely
    > be blessed by if they ever come to their senses and abandon
    > their willful neglect of the core font system. (Namely, use the
    > "registry" iso10646-n for plane (n-1).)

    I would preferably go with the "registry" identifier "iso10646-1-" or "ucs-plane" for supplementary plane to
    avoid clashes with possible future parts of ISO 10646, related to more complex text encodings used in combination or
    association with part 1 of ISO 10646 or Unicode (possibly covering non plain-text issues, also currently not covered
    in TUS 5, but something which could become important to support in fonts or renderers and font servers for X Window).

    Just suppose that a worldwide registry of corporate logos (including with their colors) is created and encoded outside
    the UCS, with its own allocation/usage/interchange policy, and supported in UCS-encoded documents by rich-text
    conventions/notations/syntaxes or by some new standard language probably based on XML or some shorthand representation
    of it? Imagine the similar possibility about a registry of typographic glyphs. Some new font formats (or new active
    font services) would probably be used for negociating and transporting specific logos or glyphs rather than large
    unspecified collections of UCS characters and combinations of UCS characters. The encoding itself could use as well
    the existing DNS registry infrastructure, without creating an actual new registry, within URI's specifically
    designated to support the interchange protocol. It would be up to the X font server to support that protocol.

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