re: Confusion about weak and strong disunification

From: verdy_p (
Date: Mon Aug 17 2009 - 08:21:41 CDT

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    "Shriramana Sharma" wrote:
    > What does "existing implementation" in the first sentence of the example
    > paragraph mean?

    I am almost sure that this means that the character is described and encoded distinctly in some national or
    international standard (including some that are now considered obsolete but that had important usage at least in some
    countries) which was then implemented on some computing system.

    You can find a list of those related standards in the text of The Unicode Standard itself.

    This list is probably not finished, given that countries are continuing to make evolutions in their own standards, to
    support the evolutions of their own languages or orthographies, and other international standards (or open technical
    standards) are created that mandate or highly recommand some symbols for some usages and with specific semantics.

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