Re: Japanese font that includes Italics

From: Eric Muller (
Date: Mon Aug 17 2009 - 19:04:33 CDT

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    Yasuo Kida wrote:
    > Probably changing the weight or size of the font might work. Or I
    > believe InDesign-J supports Kenten ( 圏点
    > <>) which is more
    > traditional way for emphasizing a word or a phrase. I am not a design
    > professional and I am not the right person to make recommendations or
    > suggestions though.

    Another device that has been used in Japanese typography is "shatai". It
    originated with film typesetting systems and used a lens to distort the
    glyph image projected on film, to achieve an oblique (shatai), flattened
    (hiratai) or narrowed (choutai) style. InDesign J supports a simulation
    of those effects.


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