Re: Making sure I read UAX29 correctly

From: Eric Muller (
Date: Thu Aug 27 2009 - 19:09:03 CDT

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    Mark Davis ⌛ wrote:
    > Because SB5 doesn't match at the start, you keep on going through the
    > rules, and finally end up not breaking.

    You are saying that SB11 does not apply on <lower lower aterm close lf
    ext ? upper lower lower> to use your example (with ? being the position

    I just don't see how that can be inferred from the text. The rules in
    6.2 that describe the insertion of "(Extend|Format)*" do not say "insert
    only in some cases and not in others".

    On the other hand, looking at the rules in the CLDR (for root), I see
    that the variables Sep, CR and LF are not extended with $FE* like all
    the others. Hence my sudden doubt.

    > I agree that the wording is not as clear as it should be.

    Especially if it doesn't say what you want it to say ;-)


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