Re: What happened to proposal of Telugu nukta?

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Wed Sep 02 2009 - 13:49:35 CDT

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    Shriramana Sharma asked:

    > So what happened to Telugu nukta?

    What happened is this. The character was discussed among a bunch of
    other characters during an ad-hoc group that met during UTC #102.

    The document under discussion by the ad-hoc group was *not* a formal
    proposal, it was a slide presentation by Om Vikas, which mentioned a
    number of characters as potential candidates for encoding. That document
    is L2/05-063. Many of the symbols discussed there eventually were
    encoded as part of the (recent) Vedic updates, and in version 5.0 of

    The notes from that ad-hoc meeting, L2/05-070 say this:

    > Telugu sign Nukta. Good candidate for encoding, but needs a full, detailed
    > proposal to be submitted by India.

    There was never any follow-up on this character, as far as I know. That
    is, no proposal was ever submitted, and no documentation or examples
    were submitted. Nothing further happened with that character.


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