[indic] Re: Use of ZWJ to form Sinhala Conjuncts

From: Harshula (harshula@gmail.com)
Date: Thu Sep 03 2009 - 07:45:43 CDT

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    Hi Vinodh,

    On Mon, 2009-08-24 at 09:24 +0530, Vinodh Rajan wrote:

    > //Yes they do. There are three graphical forms for some consonant
    > clusters:
    > 1) Separate letters (<C1><C2>)
    > 2) Conjuncts (<C1><VIRAMA><ZWJ><C2>)
    > 3) Touching letters (<C1><ZWJ><VIRAMA><C2>)//
    > I suppose Malithi Web does not support these additional conjuncts &
    > touching letters. I can only get ra,ya conjuncts correctly in Malithi
    > Web using ZWJ.
    > Are these any fonts which support these ?

    There are 3 compliance levels for Sinhala fonts. Please refer to:
    SLS 1134, Part 2 - Requirements and Methods of Test

    The first is the most basic set of requirements for a font to be
    considered compliant. Operating systems should, at a minimum, check that
    a Sinhala font meets these requirements before using it.

    It is only at Level 3 that some touching letters are required. I'm not
    aware of any existing fonts that are Level 3 compliant.

    > Another Question:
    > Which is more common in actual usage: the conjunct ra-ya or the
    > non-conjuct ra-ya ?

    In consonant clusters where "ra" is the second consonant, "conjunct
    ra" (rakaaranshaya) is more common. As for "conjunct ya" (yansaya), I'm
    not sure.

    For more precise statistics, it is best to contact the computational
    linguists at http://www.ucsc.cmb.ac.lk/ltrl/


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