Twitter started supporting emoji in Japan

From: Yasuo Kida (
Date: Fri Oct 16 2009 - 19:19:00 CDT

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    Twitter started supporting Emoji through its Japanese site

    Apparently they use Google's internal code. For example when I enter
    docomo #140 'Happy face' from my docomo phone and look at the tweet
    from the Mac, the code is U+FE330 which is docomo #140 in Google's
    internal code. If I post U+FE330 from my Mac I can see it correctly as
    docomo #140 from my docomo phone. I believe, by recognizing
    your cellphone's carrier, converts between your carrier's emoji code
    and their internal (or public?) code.

    As twitter started accumulating user data in Google's internal code
    and all tweets are visible globally, it might obtain a de-facto
    position soon I am afraid, unless ISO finishes the standardization and
    someone major start supporting the standard quickly.

    - kida

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