Re: Twitter started supporting emoji in Japan

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Sat Oct 17 2009 - 09:49:59 CDT

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    Yasuo Kida wrote:

    > Twitter started supporting Emoji through its Japanese site
    > Apparently they use Google's internal code. For example when I enter
    > docomo #140 'Happy face' from my docomo phone and look at the tweet
    > from the Mac, the code is U+FE330 which is docomo #140 in Google's
    > internal code. If I post U+FE330 from my Mac I can see it correctly as
    > docomo #140 from my docomo phone. I believe, by recognizing
    > your cellphone's carrier, converts between your carrier's emoji code
    > and their internal (or public?) code.

    This was one of my concerns: the existing PUA code points are already in
    use and at least somewhat interoperable, using a "private agreement"
    shared between the commercial interests, yet it was felt important to
    assign standard code points to this set.

    > As twitter started accumulating user data in Google's internal code
    > and all tweets are visible globally, it might obtain a de-facto
    > position soon I am afraid, unless ISO finishes the standardization and
    > someone major start supporting the standard quickly.

    The process is underway. Of all the proposals that would seem to call
    for fast-tracking in UTC or WG2, I can't possibly see this collection of
    smiley faces and fish cakes as being among them.

    Not every vendor or Web site will switch immediately to the new code
    points and convert existing data. Not everyone's iPhone will
    immediately be upgrades and all stored messages transcoded. Google's
    internal codes will continue in use for some time, and once the
    standardization process is complete, apps will now have the additional
    burden of supporting each of the emoji at two code points, and possibly
    equating them in searches. This situation will not be improved by
    pushing the standardization bodies to move faster.

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