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From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Tue Oct 27 2009 - 22:07:32 CST

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    John H. Jenkins <jenkins at apple dot com> wrote:

    > There are, in fact, applications that support private emoji sets,
    > generally by expanding text like ":)".

    I'm seeing a bit of a contradiction between this statement and the
    following one, which is the one we were all given when we asked about
    emoji proliferation:

    > Remember, the use of characters to encode emoji is pretty universally
    > felt to be a Very Bad Thing™. The flame wars have been pretty much
    > about whether or not it is a Necessary Evil™, and whether or not it
    > will be taken as a Precedent for the Future™.

    If someone is building apps to support private emoji sets, evidently
    they must not feel it is such a bad idea, and might indeed treat the
    first wave of encoding as a precedent.

    Back to the rest of the first statement, though:

    > These apps are written to exchange text with the same app on another
    > iPhone and won't necessarily work with a different application except
    > by coincidence. I've yet to see one that uses the PUA.

    Then what do they use? Normal assigned code points?

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