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Date: Wed Oct 28 2009 - 12:27:09 CST

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    Nice stories! And "pentagram" is a very appropriate name for the art form.

    As one who has written poetry in English I am very concerned with the spatial arrangement of words on the page. William's original idea was 2/3/2 on one line with a space between groups. I tried that, and it didn't work for my material. My pentagram "Hurricane" may be translated as three fragments, rather than 1 continuous thought. This is more like a haiku.

              "We had a hurricane, and it rained.
              The sea was rough and we were hit by a great wave: I was terrified.
              Then the sun came out; at night the stars shined brightly."

    Your pentagrams strike me as one continuous thought. Take your "Escapade" which really works well as one line of 5 emoji:

    Excuse me if I mistranslate, but I read it as roughly:

            "I bought tickets and flew on a plane and cruised in a boat, had dinner and went to bed."

    I think the beauty of a new art from is that we can make our own rules: We do that now in modern versus classical poetry. I say WHATEVER FORM WORKS for what you are trying to communicate!


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    Nice challenge, William. In response, I offer my first try:

    e-005 e-002

    e-035 e-038 e-341

    e-00F e-03B

    The visual "emoji poemu" construct is shown in the attached Word document.
    I used SnagIt v8 to copy the emoji from n3681.pdf
    Nice idea!
    This is bordering between the literal and the visual arts. Therefor the structure of Haiku (or Limerick?) taken as a blueprint might not be without any alternative.
    I tried myself and found a slightly different format favourable: just 5 pictograms in line.



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