Quest For The Gold Of Timbuktu

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Date: Fri Oct 30 2009 - 07:09:36 CST

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    On Thursday evening, 29 October 2009, I was watching television here in England, on the Freeview platform. At about 10:50 pm I did some channel surfing as to what was on.

    On the Quest channel, I found some people unwrapping ancient books from cloth wrappers. Later there was a sequence in a library where ancient books are being conserved. I think, but am not congruently sure, that the books were being unwrapped in Mali, as a comment something like "Maybe this is the gold of Timbuktu" was made about the books.

    Shortly afterwards the programme locale moved to Morocco.

    The television programme was called Quest For The Gold Of Timbuktu.

    Earlier today I had a look at and found a link for the Quest channel.

    Moving to the page, I found a link to the following page.

    It lists the programme as being broadcast at various times.

    I then checked the listings for tomorrow, Saturday, and found that Quest For The Gold Of Timbuktu is due to be broadcast at 6pm for one hour.


    Quest For The Gold Of Timbuktu
    Legend has it that Timbuktu was once a "City of Gold". Adventurer Josh Bernstein journeys deep into the Sahara desert to find out the truth behind the compelling myth.


    From the web page, it appears that the Quest channel is available as follows.

    Quest is available on Freeview Channel 38.

    Quest is available on Sky Channel 167.

    This post as it stands will perhaps mostly be of interest to some readers in the United Kingdom. However, maybe the programme will be shown in other countries at other times. Also, maybe someone on this list will know of the library where the conservation is taking place and will post some information please.

    Anyway, I hope that this post is of interest.

    William Overington

    30 October 2009

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