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From: William_J_G Overington (
Date: Fri Oct 30 2009 - 10:13:30 CST

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    On Friday, 30 October 2009, Doug Ewell <> wrote:

    > > On Thursday evening, 29 October 2009, I was watching
    > television here in England, on the Freeview platform. 
    > At about 10:50 pm I did some channel surfing as to what was
    > on.
    > > ...
    > Sorry to ask, but does this post have anything at all to do
    > with Unicode?  Conservation of ancient books isn't
    > close enough, unless there is some information about the
    > scripts in which they are written.

    I happened upon an interesting television item serendipitously. Neither the title of the programme nor its published description gave any indication whatsoever of the extremely interesting, to me, pictures of the ancient books.

    I wished that I had seen the whole programme. Maybe hardly any more of it than I viewed was about books, I do not know.

    I know that sometimes items have been posted in this list about various things related to ancient writing, often news items, and I have always been pleased to learn of them and have felt grateful that people have taken the care to post a note in this list.

    So, when I managed to find that the programme is due on television here tomorrow at 6 pm I posted it in the mailing list, hoping that some people might find pleasure in watching the programme as a result of my post when otherwise they might not have known that it was on.

    I realized that many readers of this list are outside the United Kingdom, yet it never crossed my mind that anyone would object to my post.

    Well, there we are.

    William Overington

    30 October 2009

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