Re: What code points are actually allocated?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Nov 19 2009 - 20:09:57 CST

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    Jason Dusek asked:

    > Is it correct to derive an "actually allocated" predicate from
    > the file `Scripts.txt` by essentially saying "This char has a
    > script in this version of Unicode so it's allocated."?

    For all values except Script=Unknown, yes. (Although with
    the caveat that by "allocated" here, you presumably mean

    "Unknown" is the default value of the Script property, and
    all unassigned code points get that value by default.

    Any other value of the Script property is only ever applied
    to an actually assigned character.

    "Allocations" in the Unicode Roadmap, on the other hand, are
    only guidelines to help structure discussion of proposals
    for future encoding. Although ISO 15924 script codes may
    already exist for some such scripts, before they are
    actually encoded in the Unicode Standard (and ISO/IEC 10646),
    none of those characters are actually assigned until they
    are published as part of a new version of the standards,
    and none of the code points within such allocation ranges
    gets any Script property value other than "Unknown" until
    such time.


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