Re: What code points are actually allocated?

From: Jason Dusek (
Date: Thu Nov 19 2009 - 20:28:52 CST

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    2009/11/19 Kenneth Whistler <>:
    > Jason Dusek asked:
    >>   Is it correct to derive an "actually allocated" predicate from
    >>   the file `Scripts.txt` by essentially saying "This char has a
    >>   script in this version of Unicode so it's allocated."?
    > For all values except Script=Unknown, yes. (Although with
    > the caveat that by "allocated" here, you presumably mean
    > "assigned".)

      Yes, that is what I mean. I assumed I would filter out code
      points with Unknown script, yes.

      Assume a character belongs to a Script that is not Unknown or
      ControlCharacter -- then is that character a printable
      character? How close is that to being a character which can
      safely be displayed?

    Jason Dusek

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