Re: Medievalist ligature character in the PUA

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Date: Tue Dec 15 2009 - 07:40:57 CST

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    "verdy_p" <verdy underscore p at wanadoo dot fr> wrote:

    > But a variant based on the more general BOCU algorithm (patented by
    > IBM and not usable without requesting a licence to IBM, with the only
    > exception of BOCU-1 for which there's a free licence for free use as
    > long as the implementation is conforming *strictly* to its
    > specification and then disallows all extensions or variants)

    According to the section "Intellectual Property" in UTN #6, users must
    request a license from IBM to implement BOCU-1. Can you point me to a
    passage somewhere that grants a "free license for free use" without
    requesting permission from IBM?

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