Re: [unicode] Re: Is there a Japanese character for the word Unicode? (from Re: Unicode Haiku Contest)

From: suzuki toshiya (
Date: Sat Dec 19 2009 - 03:52:06 CST

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    Patrick Hall wrote:
    > Hi,
    >> Google translates "Unicode Code" as "ユニークなコード" ("yunīku na kōdo") using kanas. So I guess that the Japanese
    >> translation would be translitterated as "yunīkōdo" by removing some kanas in the middle (but I don't know Japanese to
    >> see if this can be a good translation).
    > In this case Google Translate is simply wrong.
    I guess the phrase Philippe tried was "Unique Code" which today's Google
    translator returns "ユニークなコード". If I try "Unicode Code", Google
    translator returns "ユニコードのコード". BTW, the romanized annotation
    given by Google "Unicodeno kōdo" would be wrong (because if Japanese
    people read "Unicodeno" as romanized pronunciation instead of English word,
    the pronunciation would be "Yu Ni Ko De No").


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