Re: Is there a Japanese character for the word Unicode? (from Re: Unicode Haiku Contest)

From: William_J_G Overington (
Date: Mon Dec 21 2009 - 03:50:23 CST

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    On Friday 18 December 2009, Christopher Miller <> wrote:

    > On 2009-12-18, at 4:43 AM, William_J_G Overington wrote:
    > > Yet I am wondering whether there is a complete
    > character for the word Unicode and, if there is not, could
    > one be devised?
    > One *could* (in principle only) be devised (but in
    > principle only), as new characters could be and have been
    > for all kinds of lexical items. This was regularly done in
    > the past by building complex characters from combinations of
    > simpler ones and is one of the main sources for non-Chinese
    > characters in Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese.

    Ah. I had been hoping that maybe there would be an outburst of creativity and that someone might produce a calligraphic design for a new character. I was thinking that maybe I could then, if given permission to do so, encode it in a special font such that Alt 1000000 (that is, Alt one million) would allow the glyph to be displayed from within WordPad and that maybe the glyph could then be used in images that included writing and pictures.

    I have been looking at the following web page.

    For radical 67, script, literature there is another page, which can be reached by clicking on the word wén.

    I was wondering if a new character to mean Unicode could be devised from something like "writing that travels along wires" or maybe some other derivation.

    Any ideas?

    William Overington

    21 December 2009

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