Re: HTML5 encodings (was: Re: BOCU patent)

From: Peter Krefting (
Date: Mon Dec 28 2009 - 11:27:17 CST

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    > The implications are that (1) the authors of the present draft know
    > better than authors of previous works on character encoding and (2)
    > compatibility with existing, incorrectly or incompletely marked HTML
    > documents is more important than adherence to standards. This is a
    > departure from all other HTML and XHTML specifications I've ever seen
    > from the W3C.

    Well, considering the current state of the web, these are sound deviations
    to make. From experience, a significant portion of all pages on the web
    marked up as "iso-8859-1" are indeed contain windows-1252 content. If you
    look at current browsers, you will see that all of them make this
    assumption. HTML5 just documents the current practice in this regard.

    \\// Peter Krefting, Core Technology Developer, Opera Software ASA

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