Re: HTML5 encodings (was: Re: BOCU patent)

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Mon Dec 28 2009 - 22:20:18 CST

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    Peter Krefting <peter at opera dot com> wrote:

    >> This is a departure from all other HTML and XHTML specifications
    >> I've ever seen from the W3C.
    > Well, considering the current state of the web, these are sound
    > deviations to make. From experience, a significant portion of all
    > pages on the web marked up as "iso-8859-1" are indeed contain
    > windows-1252 content. If you look at current browsers, you will see
    > that all of them make this assumption. HTML5 just documents the
    > current practice in this regard.

    No, once again it goes far beyond documenting or recommending certain
    behavior for compatibility; it *mandates* certain behavior for
    compatibility. It declares your user agent positively non-compliant if
    it doesn't play these games. That is where 99% of my objections lie.

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