RE: The "prohibited" encodings...

From: Phillips, Addison (
Date: Tue Dec 29 2009 - 17:45:24 CST

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    > >
    > > None of these encodings encode the same (full) sequence of code
    > points in more than one way,
    > Hmmm. Not what I remember about SCSU. The encoder has wide latitude
    > in
    > picking compression techniques in SCSU, if I remember from my
    > sample
    > implementation. The result would be that two strings that were
    > identical
    > in UTF-16 can become two different byte strings if encoded with two
    > different encoders for SCSU.

    Picky picky :-). You're correct. I oversimplified my response wrt SCSU. In any case, that's not the reason for SCSU's frowning-upon and it's not a trait that's widely shared with other encodings.

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