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Date: Wed Dec 30 2009 - 08:16:14 CST

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    "Phillips, Addison" <addison at amazon dot com> wrote:

    >> This was from a table in Section, where browser developers
    >> are encouraged to choose a default encoding that is not Unicode 2/3
    >> of the time based on "the user's locale."
    > You need to be careful here. This section deals with the selection of
    > the character encoding used to interpret a document when all other
    > possibilities are exhausted---including auto-detection of UTF-8 and
    > the user's personal preference. If you already know a document is not
    > UTF-8, using UTF-8 to interpret it is not that useful.

    OK, I did miss something there. But then I wonder why UTF-8 is still
    recommended in this table for some languages.

    >> More "willful violations" appear in Section, in which
    >> browsers are required to "misinterpret for compatibility" ISO and
    >> national-standard character sets as Windows code pages, even when the
    >> author specified the ISO or national character set.
    > It usually isn't clear what the author meant to specify. The vast
    > preponderance of people have no idea what a character encoding is.

    True, and again I don't have much of a problem with encouraging or
    recommending this sort of behavior, but I do have a problem with
    requiring it.

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